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Dr Cibik's  areas of expertise include Medical Qigong and all branches of Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, herbs (both Chinese and western) exercise, and meditation.  

These are not a magic wand, but by providing the proper coaching, tools and support, we can guide you into a state of homeostasis, or balance, in which all things may heal. We believe that your body is more than a sum of part, but an integrated unit. We know that your mind, your emotions and your beliefs hold a role in your health and healing process and work with you on all levels.

Our clients are people who WANT to participate in their health. They are ready to embrace practices to create healing in their body and more energy for life.

About Integrative Medicine

Inner Strength has helped hundreds of people with unique problems through numerous approaches including working in conjunction with their western medicine physician as they battle cancer, MS or other diseases. We also work with mental health issue of depression, manic disorders, and other illnesses.

People with specific chronic disease problems often can not find any health provider who can assist then in the complete dis-ease free process. Many allopathic doctors in the United States are not familiar with many of the complementary health practices available today. They are trained in emergency procedure and pharmaceuticals, and with no emphasis or prevention.

Why not use all the tools and methodologies available to help you on your quest for better health?

While western medicine is excellent at treating acute illness, the chronic conditions often evade a western solution. These cases are where complementary therapies excel, and can give much needed relief.

See how we have benefited other people who were considered 'lost causes' by western medicine...

Client Success stories

If you do not have any specific medical problems we can still assist to in maintaining a healthier lifestyle to increase longevity, power and energy.

Every body is unique and so is it's particular dis-ease or illness.  

However, certain truths pertain to all beings in their response to getting well. 


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